How Does UV-C
Technology Work?


Introducing UltraBLU™ Ultraviolet LED Technology

UltraBLU™ is a UV-C LED source designed for sterilization and disinfection applications. UV-C refers to class of ultraviolet energy wavelengths that have a unique ability to kill viruses, bacteria, molds and other pathogens. With recent innovations in LED technologies, LED emitters are now powerful enough to be used for UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) applications.


Effectively Kills Viruses, Bacteria and Molds

UV-C sterilization and disinfection effectively kills a wide range of viruses, bacteria and molds in water, air, or on surfaces. Tests on effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19) are ongoing, however, prior research shows that UV-C irradiance can effectively inactivate SARS and common cold coronaviruses (single strand RNA). Applications of UV-C / (UltraBLU™) range from personal sanitation to healthcare equipment and facility sterilization, water and sewage treatment, HVAC systems and household disinfection.

How Does UV Light Disinfection Work?


Step one

Charge portable sanitizing & charging power bank fully. (Ships partially charged)


Step Two

Attach to back of phone. UltraBLŪ uses Mag-Safe wireless power to charge. (UltraBLŪ does not need to be attached to phone to sanitize)


Step Three

Scan UltraBLŪ over desired surface 1-3 inches to disinfect (Auto shuts-off in 10 Seconds for 99.8% lab-tested results)

Ultraviolet radiation has enough energy to break down the chemical bonds between electrons and atoms. That’s
why it can be harmful to eyes and skin (sunburn), but why it is also benefit for disinfecting surfaces and purifying air.

UV-C disinfection uses light to break down the chemical compounds in a micro-organism like bacteria, spores and viruses so they cannot multiply. Over the years, many hundreds of bacteria have been tested, and all of them respond to UV-C disinfection – including various coronaviruses. In laboratory tests, Ultra BLU’s UV-C light sources reduced SARS-CoV-2 virus infectivity on a surface to below detectable levels in as few as 9 seconds1. A clear reason why UV-C light should play a key role in your COVID-19 protection strategy.

The Sustainable Way To Disinfect

As UV-C disinfection is a physical, rather than chemical process, there’s no need to handle, transport or store toxic, hazardous or corrosive chemicals – and there’s no chemical residue. It’s a simple, sustainable and safety-conscious solution that is strongly recommended as part of a comprehensive disinfection strategy including sanitizing hands, surfaces and objects with liquid disinfectants.